Sermon Notes

This resource is designed to help you interact with the scripture text and the sermon. There are three different blocks that can be used throughout the whole week. There is a lined block that can be used to take notes. This is a spot to write down thoughts and ideas that you want to remember. It could also be a place to list prayer requests that you want to pray about throughout the week. There is a blank spot where you can draw or doodle as you are listening to the sermon or praying during the week. Sometimes, we can concentrate better when our hands are active. This spot provides the space for that experience. The third section is a picture that goes along with the text. This is one that you can color as you are listening to the sermon. Or it is one that you can color during the week as you are reflecting on the message or praying your prayers. This block is the same size as the margins in a standard journaling Bible. This gives you the opportunity to trace the image into your Bible. You may also cut it out and paste the completed picture into your journaling Bible. 

Once the entire sheet is completed, you will have a visual record of what you learned, how God spoke to you, and the prayers you lifted up to him. Download a blank sermon notes sheet here. For other things to do with your completed notes, click here.

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