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Ministry Communication Form

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Ministry Report Form

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Lectionary Readings

DateSunday in Church YearFirst ReadingEpistle ReadingGospel Reading
May 21, 20176th Sunday of EasterActs 17:16-311 Peter 3:13-22John 14:15-21
May 28, 20177th Sunday of EasterActs 1:12-261 Peter 4:12-19, 5:6-11John 17:1-11
June 4, 2017PentecostNumbers 11:24-30Acts 2:1-21John 7:37-39
June 11, 2017Trinity SundayGenesis 1:1-2:4Acts 2:14, 22-36Matthew 28:16-20
June 18, 20172nd Sunday after PentecostExodus 19:2-8Romans 5:6-15Matthew 9:35-10:8
June 25, 20173rd Sunday after PentecostJeremiah 20:7-13Romans 6:12-23Matthew 10:5, 21-33
July 2, 20164th Sunday after PentecostJeremiah 28:5-9Romans 7:1-13Matthew 10:34-42
July 9, 20165th Sunday after PentecostZechariah 9:9-12Romans 7:14-25Matthew 11:25-30
July 16, 20176th Sunday after PentecostIsaiah 55:10-13Romans 8:12-17Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23
July 23, 20177th Sunday after PentecostIsaiah 44:6-8Romans 8:18-27Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43
July 30, 20178th Sunday after PentecostDeuteronomy 7:6-9Romans 8:28-39Matthew 13:44-52


Service Assistants

DateUshersReaderAssisting Ministers
May 21 EarlyLinda B. Richard B.Coralie S.Ray R. Sam N.
May 21 LateBob B. Barry B.Tom S.Ken R. Rick M.
May 28 EarlyRay R. Chuck H.Christine S.Roger H. Nathaniel S.
May 28 LateJohn S. Pam S.Cindy B.Rick M. Ken R.
June 4 EarlyRichard B. John T. Linda B.Barbara I. Lois D.
June 4 LateRick M. Barry B.Angela L.Eric S. Elizabeth S.
June 11 EarlyJeff W. Chuck H.Chuck H.Roger H. Stephan S.
June 11 LateBob B. John S.Tom S.Ron M. Ray R.
June 18 EarlyLinda B. Richard B.Coralie S.Lois D. Sam N.
June 18 LateCindy B.Eric S. Elizabeth S.
June 25 EarlyChuck H. Ray R.Christine S.Roger H. Nathaniel S.
June 25 LateJohn S. Pam S.Alexis B.Ken R. Rick M.
July 2 EarlyRich B. John T.Linda B.Barbara I. Lois D.
July 2 LateBarry B. Rick M.Angela L.Elizabeth S. Eric S.


Daily Devotions

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Youth Group Permission Slips

A Closer Walk - Wildwood NJ  Aug 4 - 6, 2016


Autism Awareness

autism__a_bigger_awareness_by_courtneyyamisgirlThere are many amazing resources available online to help understand Autism. And yet, it can be  overwhelming to try to look through such a large variety of resources and not know what is really helpful… Thankfully, there is a mom sharing her own experiences and research with anyone who is interested, especially those in the church! Maura Oprisko has created her own website with links to YouTube videos, worksheets and tons of articles that have already proven to be helpful and informative to many people. Consider checking out “Autism and Your Parish Video Series: Free Autism Awareness Month Workshop for Your Parish” to help us in “Raising Autism In the Church, with Dignity!”